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About Us

WaKenya Pamoja Boston is a group of like-minded Kenyans who reside in Massachusetts, USA. This group has come together for the sake of helping others excel in their life in America, through forging stronger bonds, learning from other successful individuals and building a brighter future for our kids through the knowledge and resources that are available to some of our members.

WaKenya Pamoja Boston wishes to work closer with the community to ensure that the elder members of this community are able to get the best services and healthcare, by providing resources they could use to secure better services.

WaKenya Pamoja Boston is working with professionals in our community to help others to improve their careers through mentorship, networking and advice.

WaKenya Pamoja Boston envisions a day when we will be able to establish a resource center to provide all the aforementioned services under one roof.

As our slogan states, “we are as strong as the weakest Kenyan”, therefore, we desire to be as strong as we can possible be as a community.