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1.) What is this group?

This group was created to SPECIFICALLY help facilitate, communicate and share information regarding issues in our community, enlighten members on available opportunities and resources, organize events, including Madaraka Day Celebrations, to be commemorated on June 10th 2017.

2.) What is the vision and the mission of this group?

Our vision is to bring WaKenya of the Southshore and the Boston area together. We want to help people connect, to create networking opportunities, to mentor and support our youth, to empower each other for our sake and even more so for the sake of our children.

3.) What is the difference between this group and other ‘similar’ groups?

Unlike many other groups that have been formed in the past, we are dedicated to the success of all Kenyans living in Ma and especially those around Boston and the Southshore area. We will discuss any suggestions from other like-minded groups to make our community better.

4.) Is this a faith based group?

NO!! This group was established to get all Kenyans together. It is SPECIFICALLY not faith based for the sake of bringing all Kenyans together regardless of their faith affiliations.